Featuring courage in Venture Capital and more. Every week the entire team participates in sharing lessons learned about the industry and their unique perspectives as interns, fellows, general partners and advisors. The lessons shared invite us all to build a common understanding of the Venture Capital Landscape and reflect on ways we can help its evolution.

Alex Asemi

Crutch Words – What I’ve discovered is that not usingAlex Asemi crutch words is much more challenging than I anticipated. It became particularly evident to me when using the tracker; I had to make a conscious effort to refrain from using them. It’s strange because I didn’t think I said them much, but I became aware of it when I had to actively stop myself.


Omar Al Ramlawi

Communication Improvement – I found myselfOmar Al Ramlawi becoming overly conscious of using filler words, and I shared this observation with my friends. Now, we’re all making an effort to speak more slowly, which has become quite amusing. Observing a Startup founders’ ability to speak at length without these fillers is truly inspiring. Their example has influenced my career approach, emphasizing clear communication. I’ve realized that speaking effectively is a skill worth mastering, echoing Alex’s sentiment about its difficulty.


Marwan Safi
Adopting Techniques – There are two things I’ve learnedMarwan Safi and am trying to adopt. Firstly, watching Jad present deals impresses me. He simplifies complex business concepts into simple analogies that make great sense, which I find to be a skill and an art. Secondly, I’ve noticed Rama’s inviting tone when making suggestions. It’s so pleasant that people readily accept her ideas. Overall, I’m intrigued by their approaches and aim to incorporate similar techniques into my own practices.


Quinn Novels

Be Confident – In exploring filler words, I’ve noticed aQuinn Novels correlation: it’s easier to avoid them when discussing a topic you’re  familiar with or passionate about, suggesting a link between the knowledge of the topic and speech clarity. I’ve made a conscious effort to listen to others speak, identifying a trend, especially among women. Often, our voices rise at the end of statements, unintentionally conveying uncertainty or that we’re asking a question. I challenge everyone, especially women, to be mindful of this habit and strive to maintain a confident tone, regardless of voice pitch. Confidence in speech is crucial.


Omar El Khalaf

Take Your Time – In my academic and professionalOmar El-Khalaf journey, I’ve long believed that speaking quickly signifies confidence, aiming to rush through information. However, I’ve come to realize that speaking slowly allows me time to think, reducing the need for filler words like “now” and “so.” It is a key takeaway, and I intend to focus on improving this aspect of my communication in the future.


Rakesh Sharma

Wording Matters – I’ve absorbed a lesson from Rama, particularly regarding adopting Noam Chomsky‘s style of communication. Rama encouraged us to favor “could” and “would” over “can’t,” “should,” and “will.” Integrating this into my daily communication over the past year has been enriching. It adds a nice touch to language use, and I would encourage everyone else to do the same.


Allah Ghosn

Grateful Collaboration – Being part of TransformVC hasAllan Ghosn deepened my sense of appreciation. Having worked with numerous teams, encountering people like Raed and Rama is rare. Debates here are characterized by respectful sharing of concerns and thoughts. The atmosphere fosters progress without discord. I find comfort in observing constructive debates without tension. It’s refreshing to resolve disagreements without resorting to hostility, unlike experiences where aggression is more common. I genuinely value this collaborative and respectful environment.


Kelly Fleming

Networking & Communication – I’ve learned theKelly Fleming importance of networking and communicating your background effectively. Communicating my background and representing Transform VC has been crucial. It helps align with relevant individuals and enhances networking success. Networking can be challenging but applying past lessons has been enlightening. I simply show up and attend events and this has helped expand my network effectively.


Bashar Alallawi

Data & Communication – I learned that one of the bestBashar Alallawi ways we can improve our communication is by focusing on data. Because decisions are based on charts, evidence, graphs and metrics. Numbers can tell a story. It’s how you utilize the information and use it to your advantage.


Jad Khattib 

Delicate Critique – I learned this lesson from Raed. ItJad Khattib revolves around navigating delicate criticism. While evaluating deals, I sometimes disagreed with Raed’s approach, but one instance stood out where his critique was assertive yet constructive. Despite treading a fine line between being rude and critically insightful, Raed managed to maintain a positive tone. He often clarified his intentions as playing the devil’s advocate, which recipients appreciated. This experience underscores the importance of carefully navigating such fine lines in communication.


Raed Masri

Establishing Presence – During my time as a tech founderRaed Masri in Canada, media outreach wasn’t necessary; I was regularly approached for interviews. However, upon relocating to California, I realized the importance of proactive engagement with the media, thanks to insights from Rama and the team. In competitive markets, it’s crucial to pitch our ideas and share our story for visibility. As a result, we’re now beginning a social media campaign to amplify our presence.



Jennifer Hatch 

Speak Comfortably – This week working with a speechJennifer Hatch coach and Rama on speaking techniques we covered the importance of establishing comfort with an audience. This comfort level significantly influences my natural speaking style and is crucial for effective communication. When I’m engaged and at ease with my audience, speaking becomes effortless and devoid of filler words. Nervousness can manifest physically, tightening the body and constricting breathing, hindering speech. Speaking effectively entails both mental comfort and physical relaxation.


Afreen Aman

Be Holistic – This week, during the deal evaluation call, I gained a significant insight thanks to Jad.Typically, my focus has been primarily on technical aspects, assigning lesser importance to factors like marketing and operations. Jad’s method broadened my perspective, highlighting the importance of considering various elements. I now recognize areas that I may have previously overlooked.