We bet on the jockey

before the horse.

Transform VC is a Silicon Valley firm putting founders first


Transform VC is an early stage firm with a focus on mission driven, determined, and authentic founders who use technology to transform large antiquated industries.

Founded by Raed A. Masri, Transform develops conviction early in founders that may have been dismissed by others where markets are perceived difficult or too early. With deep roots in Silicon Valley, Canada, and the Middle East we have the capacity to identify and build conviction in opportunities in the earliest stages.

Our name is Transform—a verb! We back visionary doers and avoid fancy talkers. Mission driven means that you’ll climb mountains and go through/around walls; if there’s a setback you’ll pick yourself back up, dust off, and keep marching forward to achieve your goals, with or without anyone’s help if necessary!

We understand the lonely world of being an entrepreneur and the myriad challenges on the road to company success. Once we commit, we’ll make sure your highs are higher and your lows are also higher. Transform VC is uniquely positioned and resourced to invest in and guide the founder’s journey in building something remarkable that markets want.

We look for startups that are highly defensible through either

a) Deep technology moats and/or

b) Strong network effects

If you exhibit the qualities above, we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out using our founders page.


“I can’t imagine a situation in which Raed would not bring value. When it comes to putting real actions behind fancy talk, Raed is stronger than most investors I’ve met. He has the emotional intelligence to provide encouragement when it’s needed the most, often going out of his way to do so. Raed is one of the rare few that will always have your back through thick and thin, and I am honored to have him in our corner as a friend, sounding board, advisor, confidant, and investor.”

— Chris Davlantes, Founder & CEO of Reach Labs, backed by YC and DCVC - remote wireless charging company, Forbes 30 under 30 2018

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Our portfolio companies are early-stage startups transforming traditional markets with technology.

Transform’s focus areas include deep tech, applied deep tech, and SaaS transforming traditional antiquated industries. We believe these traditional industries are only recently coming to the realization that technology, deep tech & software is necessary as a strategic tool not only to survive but to thrive. Traditional software has been exhausted for automation and the new age is that of artificial intelligence—which, in combination with the massive amount of data being collected provides new types of automation and enhanced abilities never before expected.


“Raed is a seasoned entrepreneur and technology investor. He was instrumental in Mubadala’s investment in Collective Health and provided a critical entrepreneur’s view of the investment at a crucial time in the company’s financing history.”

— Ali Diab, founder/CEO of Collective Health, backed by Founders Fund, NEA, Mubadala, Former Series-A Investor & VP Product & Operations at Admob (sold to google for $1bn)

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