There’s no denying AI’s potential to transform virtually every industry on earth, but the technology remains trapped behind a skills gap of historic proportions. Meanwhile, although a new generation of AI practitioners is emerging on every continent, connecting with them is difficult for all but the biggest tech companies — to say nothing of successfully putting their skills to use. The result is a divide separating decision-makers in countless industries from the talent they’ll need to innovate, compete, and even survive in the years ahead. aiXplain set out to address the divide that separates decision-makers in countless industries from the AI talent they’ll need to innovate, compete, and even survive in the years ahead.

Built from the ground up by a team of Silicon Valley veterans, aiXplain is confronting this problem with a collaborative, community-based platform that’s making AI universally accessible for the first time. It’s a unified, inclusive channel of communication that makes AI resources and talent visible like never before, and connects it directly with the people who need it most. And it’s elevating the user experience on both sides with a powerful ecosystem of built-in tools that empower experts and novices alike to use and build AI solutions with unrivaled speed and ease.

aXplain was founded by Hassan Sawaf, a machine learning veteran with two decades’ experience deploying enterprise-scale AI at Amazon, Facebook, and eBay. Powered by an early investment round that we at Transform VC led, the company features a hand-picked team of experts with deep backgrounds in natural language processing, user experience design, human-computer interaction, and more. Now, after more than a year in stealth mode, the company is in private beta, inviting  contributors of all kinds:

AI Customers can use high-level development tools to turn pre-made datasets and pre-vetted models into a custom AI solution without writing a single line of code, or connect with an AI practitioner and create something truly unique from scratch. Today, customers from the Media and Broadcast, Insurance, eCommerce and AI assistance industries are realizing benefits from the aiXplain community.

AI Creators can market their expertise in AI to industry domain experts in a range of fields looking for a collaborator to solve the problems that matter most to them.

Finally, AI suppliers can market datasets, premade models, and other resources to AI customers that run the gamut from novices to experts. Today, AI suppliers of language services are using the platform to serve customers and benefit from the platform-tools to benchmark their services and improve their models.

To join the platform and benefit from aiXplain’s feature-rich platform request access here.

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