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Quinn Novels
The entrepreneurship Journey’s challenge – I wasQuinn Novels encouraged by  my sister Hend to share what I’m going through so others are aware and can provide support. I’ve been struggling for the past week. Honestly, everyone, this entrepreneurship journey that I’m on is really rough and I’m scared. So I’m working real hard, trying to keep my head above water, but it’s hard. So I’m doing what I can. That’s where I am.

Alex Asemi
Intelligence vs. Wisdom – Reflecting on the disparityAlex Asemi between intelligence and wisdom, I observe that many highly intelligent individuals often overlook sound judgment, leading to grave mistakes. Their intellect sometimes blinds others to their flaws, fostering blind adherence. Interestingly, success often eludes those with high intelligence but lacking wisdom, while some seemingly less bright individuals thrive due to their wise decisions.


Alisa Lorden
Importance of saying no – This week was a reminder ofAlisa Lorden learning the importance of saying no. I am really passionate about a lot of things and am always eager to learn and be involved. While I love the work I am doing, this week reminded me of the importance of recognizing my bandwidth and ensuring I can deliver on everything I agreed to in the best quality possible. Sometimes saying no is necessary to ensure I put my best work forward.


Jennifer Hatch
Perfect is the enemy of the good -It’s very hard to be theJennifer Hatch owner of your own business! My big lesson is that the perfect can often be the enemy of the good. So trying to make sure that I’m getting things out there as opposed to spending too long making them perfect..


Ahmad Idrees
Being aware of the impact of technology –  There’s thisAhmad Idrees book I’m currently reading called Cobalt Red, and it’s quite an uncomfortable read because it has opened my eyes to how simple, daily luxuries, made possible by technology, impact others — particularly people from an integral part of the supply chain. As people working in technology or the VC space, it’s critical to be cognizant of our technology’s negative impacts on others and continually strive for everyone to benefit — as the issue is not the technology itself but the exploitation and injustice.


Renad Mutlaq
Believing in your senses and intuition – In myRenad Mutlaq philosophy class, we’re studying David Hume‘s focus on cause and effect, rooted in sensory evidence. I’m intrigued by the interplay between senses and intuition, as discussed in Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink”, a book Rama often recommends. It’s fascinating to consider this blend of sensory perception and intuition in decision-making.


Mohammad Yassin
The struggle of managing organizations – I realizedMohammad Yassin managing big groups, like those on campus, is tough. I’m struggling to understand how Raed and Rama are able to do it. Bringing people with different views together for a common cause is challenging. Even with initial motivation, there are many small problems to handle, making logistics crazy. Managing organizations is tough, even at Transform, where everyone is cooperative, it’s difficult to manage the team across time zones, interests and experience.


Jad Khattib
Change is not always good – I learned about Di Geo, theJad Khattib world’s largest alcohol company with 55% market share. Despite their stable business and consistent demand, their recent attempts to change their execution led to a 12% stock price drop, which is roughly around $6.5 billion market value loss. It’s a reminder: if things are working well, no need to reinvent the wheel; stick to what’s successful.


Raed A Masri
Finding balance in life – This week taught me theRaed Masri importance of balancing multiple commitments. I started my CFA studies and I initially underestimated its demands. Now realize the need for focus amid studies and work. It’s about prioritization and sticking to the plan for success. The balance is essential.


Bashar Alallawi
Importance of measuring tasks – This week I read aBashar Alallawi quote that says if you cannot measure it, it  doesn’t exist. So I learned to have a list to track my learning progress. This includes my notes from my studies, from a book or a podcast, and a subset in the area that I work in. I already started one and I started a separate sheet. It Includes a formula in a separate sheet with a video on how to do it.


Rama Chakaki
Elevating consciousness – This week I revisited the bookRama ChakakiPower vs Force” and its informative table in Chapter Four. It describes the journey from lower resonating emotions like shame and fear to higher ones such as power and joy. It describes a human condition that everyone struggles with. The Dalai Lama, Gandhi and the Prophet Muhammad were able to resonate at higher levels by clearing space in their lives, in contrast to societies influenced by consumerism or fear-based culture. I invite you to read and reflect on how as individuals and groups we can elevate to higher levels of consciousness.