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Raed A. Masri

FOUNDER, General Partner

Raed A. Masri, a serial Canadian founder & YPO’er (with two 20x outcomes and 3 failures), turned VC and institutional LP.

In Canada, Raed was partially responsible for introducing new wireless policy, when he founded Jaguar Wireless, a qualified bidder in Canada’s national wireless auction in 2008 with a last bid of $213m. Later, Raed became responsible for bringing inflight internet across Canada when he founded SkySurf , the exclusive carrier for inflight communications, exiting to GoGo Inflight, the world’s largest inflight wi-fi provider.

In America, Raed became a VC and institutional LP when he was a key founding team member at Mubadala Ventures in San Francisco.

Raed holds an Engineering degree from Carleton University in Ottawa, an MBA from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY & Queen’s University in Kingston, ON. Raed continues to build bridges between Silicon Valley, the Middle East and Canada.

A lifelong learner and developer of talent, Raed loves sharing wisdom among founders and he speaks regularly at numerous industry conferences.



Ali Shekofti

venture partner

Ali Shekofti is growth practitioner, angel investor and founder/CEO with a 7x outcome. Ali’s angel investing track record over the past 8 years has been 62% IRR across a portfolio of 24 companies that was inspired by his family roots in venture investing in Silicon Valley from the backers of Dropbox, PayPal, Zoosk, Lending Club.

Ali was a founding partner of a venture fund in London before becoming a founder / co-CEO of one of the Middle East’s fastest growing e-commerce companies. Previously, during his time as a principal with Goldman Sachs’ Financial Institutions team and then a family office he dedicated significant time in advocating for the European venture ecosystem as an angel investor and venture capitalist; culminating in building a successful angel portfolio.


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Equity Partners

Our equity partners are executives or founders who are experts in their field and work at the companies below. They are a great resource to help with diligence, sourcing opportunities, and as sounding boards to us and our founders on ongoing basis.

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