Raed Masri, Founder & General Partner

Raed Masri

Founder & General Partner

Short bio

A serial technology entrepreneur with three failures and two 20x outcomes, turned top decile performing Venture Capitalist as founder of Transform VC, a Silicon Valley firm that made early bets into many deep technology companies, 4 of which have reached the unicorn status. Transform VC identifies and funds the best untapped technology founders for transformative impact & exceptional returns. The goal is to nurture and support a 1000 mindful tech founders to each impact a billion and make a billion using deep tech for social and climate impact.

Long bio

Raed Masri, a serial founder (with two 20x outcomes and three failures), turned VC and institutional LP.

In Canada, Raed was partially responsible for introducing new wireless policy, when he founded Jaguar Wireless, a qualified bidder in Canada’s national wireless auction with a last bid of $213m. Later, Raed became responsible for bringing inflight internet across Canada when he founded SkySurf , the exclusive carrier for inflight communications, exiting to GoGo Inflight, the world’s largest inflight wi-fi provider at the time.

Now living in San Francisco, Raed became a VC and institutional LP when he was a founding team member of Mubadala Ventures and founder of Transform VC both out of Silicon Valley.

As an experienced entrepreneur, Raed understands the trials and tribulations of startup life. This unique perspective armed him with knowledge to pass on to the next generation of founders in which he is investing. Raed is a hands-on investor and prides himself on his ability to guide his portfolio companies to their ultimate goal using the lessons he’s learned the hard way, to build several highly successful businesses.

Raed holds an Engineering degree from Carleton University in Ottawa, an MBA from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. Raed continues to build bridges between Silicon Valley, the Middle East and Canada (specifically the Toronto/Ottawa/Montreal corridor) where he’s lived for nearly 30 years before moving to Silicon Valley