Founders for founders.

We deeply understand the psychology and struggle that founders endure and because of this we have a natural intellectual and emotional connection with the best founders. This leads to developing deep & early conviction in founders that are dismissed by others because markets are perceived difficult or too early. 

We are proud supporters of these fine companies who are striving to impact a billion people directly or indirectly.


Changing the future of power delivery using radio frequency, to deliver wireless power while in motion and without contact or line-of-sight limits. 

Reach Labs

Long-range wireless power enabling the next generation of devices for access continuous and untethered power.


Electric Vehicle infrastructure for last mile energy delivery with 100-1000x improvement over all other solutions.


Vision health & vision performance training—a software-based, optometrist-lead technology solution designed to get better results, faster.


Collective health

Collective Health transforms health care insurance by making it effortless to understand navigate and pay for healthcare in America.


Atom Investors is a large advisory firm specializing in investment management, data science, tech, and quantitative modeling.


Mesmer uses AI to handle the most dreaded part of the product developer’s job and hailed as, “True intelligence verging on magic.”


The world’s most intelligent home fitness system that leverages hardware, software, video content, and artificial intelligence.


“I’ve been really impressed with how quickly you put action behind your value add pitch. I’ve actually never seen anyone work at this pace before. That’s the kind of folks we want to work with. ”

— Alex Rodrigues  |  Founder – Embark (Autonomous Trucking); Forbes 30 under 30 2018 | investors include: sequoia capital, y combinator, data collective

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