Founded by Hatem Zeine, CTO of Ossia, and run by Mohammad (Mario) Obaidat as CEO, both of Jordanian descent, Ossia is the first in the world to receive FCC approval for delivering energy at a distance using radio frequency.
When we met Hatem Zeine in 2010, his claims and dreams seemed to us, initially, closer to science fiction than science. However after our technologists spent significant time with Hatem, we came to the realization that Ossia (at the time Omnilectric) used no smoke and mirrors, we became convinced the tech is real and the dream of impacting a billion people with this technology is fathomable.

Though it took longer than expected, the FCC approval comes as a massive validation for both Hatem, Mario, and the rest of the Ossia team. We saw first hand, how the founder, the team and the leadership went through a variety of challenges and a variety of highs and lows.

It takes true resilience and determination to get to this point. The job is not done, however I am sure Ossia will continue to navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead with confidence and realize the dream of impacting a billion people.

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