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Alisa Lorden

A lack of healthcare accessibility  – I’m consulting onAlisa Lorden healthcare accessibility, conducting research that highlights the urgent need for systemic reform. The challenges stem from socio-economic issues, particularly affecting lower-income communities. The focus is on supporting these communities and finding steps to improve outcomes, as the issues themselves aren’t inherently bad but are exacerbated by inadequate treatment and support systems. It’s crucial that we address these disparities and positively impact healthcare in these areas.


Mohammad Yassin
Importance of communication – This week, I grasped theMohammad Yassin significance of transparency, particularly in my student organizing experiences. Miscommunication has been a recurring issue leading to subconscious divisions within the group. We realized that fostering open dialogue, avoiding preconceived notions, and speaking calmly and rationally in person is crucial. By avoiding masks and presumptions, we can address root problems and work collectively towards our shared organizational goals. This experience underscored the importance of assuming good intentions and promoting open communication.


Jasmine Samaha
Being flexible and adaptable – Flexibility is crucial, andJasmine Samaha this week’s lesson came from the Federal Reserve’s approach to inflation. The Fed chair characterized inflation as transitory for a year and the US inflation rate reached 8% before the Fed finally intervened and started raising the federal funds rate. Due to the policy mistake, the Fed had to hike rates at breakneck speed until interest rates reached the highest level in 40 years, creating a bear market that could have been avoided had the Fed taken action sooner. The Fed has been lucky so far in that the US economy has not been dragged into a recession. The most recent inflation print was sticky and suggests that the Fed won’t be able to start cutting rates in March as the markets had hoped, and will instead have to hold off until the middle of this year. 


Devin Ross

Organizing yourself and being aware – Recent weeksDevin Ross taught me valuable lessons about time management and organization. The quote, possibly from James Clear, emphasized that success relies on systems and habits rather than lofty goals. Periods of transition and increased responsibilities exposed the strengths and weaknesses of my work. Instead of self-criticism, I’ve learned to be analytical and experimental, iteratively improving and strengthening my work to handle professional and personal changes.


Quinn Novels
Environment is key for development – This weekQuinn Novels reinforced the importance of being in an environment that allows one’s full character to shine. Reflecting on my past work experiences, I noticed my voice being constrained over time. Now, with Transform VC, I appreciate being celebrated for my insights and having the freedom to work with clients I choose. The lesson is clear: thriving requires finding a community that embraces and celebrates one’s unique qualities, avoiding the constraints of conformity.


Renad Mutlaq
Continuous learning is crucial – Analyzing a climateRenad Mutlaq tech deal has led me to acquire knowledge about energy consumption and grid efficiency. Fixing a Python code this week taught me the value of learning from others, enhancing my skills and adding value to my work. Emphasizing the importance of continuous growth, this experience highlights the ongoing process of learning and evolving.


Jennifer Hatch
Pace and rest matter – Work can be overwhelming; it’sJennifer Hatch crucial to acknowledge the need for a break and self-care. Toni Morrison‘s commencement speech underscores the importance of taking one’s time, and that’s a valuable lesson for me this week.


Omar El-Khalaf
Be dependant on yourself – It’s essential toOmar El-Khalaf constantly remind myself to not depend too much on others, because the fact of the matter is, as Ibn Taymiyyah says “don’t depend too much on anyone in this world, because even your own shadow leaves you when you’re in the darkness”. It’s all about taking initiative as an individual, no matter how tough an obstacle may be, you will always have it within yourself to actually overcome it.


Allan Ghosn
Communication in high-stress situations – InAllan Ghosn tough business situations, I always warned my wife about potential mood changes due to stress. Applying this lesson, I prep my 16-year-old daughter before driving lessons, explaining the high-stress nature and possible reactions. I share my fear, ensuring she doesn’t interpret my panic as anger. This preemptive communication prevents conflicts during lessons, allowing us to navigate challenges calmly.

Omar Al Ramlawi
Boosting productivity – I really cannot work or study atOmar Al Ramlawi home anymore, especially when the desk is in the room. So I took the opportunity to move my desk outside, and I realized that I’m no longer burnt out anymore, because if I see something comfortable, then I’m going to magically end up there somehow. I’ve been forcing myself to be outside of the house, and I’ve gotten way more productive.


Shadi Battah
Engaging with representatives – The past few weeks, I’veShadi Battah engaged with my representatives in Congress on a couple issues of interest to me, and democracy is not perfect, but I believe it’s the best that we have. I haven’t been as active in the past in terms of engaging with representatives and I was pleasantly surprised with some of the interactions. I would encourage everybody to engage with their local representatives, it’s imperative.


Alex Asemi
News vs Reality – Financial news often differs from theAlex Asemi actual strategies of successful individuals, with a potential inverse relationship. Listening to those thriving in the field is valuable, as media recommendations may not align with profitable actions. Contrary to popular advice, buying when others are selling, and vice versa, can be opportune. Examining fundamentals, even during downturns like lithium’s, might reveal buying opportunities for those with a long-term perspective.


Hend Azzerayer
Angel Investing Strategy – The book “Adventures inHend Azzerayer Venture Capital” emphasizes the wisdom of starting with angel investing and avoiding heavy investment in early-stage companies. It suggests that in early stages, it’s crucial to bet on the founder and team rather than investing a large share in the company. The advice advocates for diversification and holding a smaller percentage in a potentially billion-dollar company rather than full ownership in a smaller one, highlighting the importance of lower ownership for strategic reasons.


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